CCCC Houston: John Painter Memorial Service Announcement

Please join us for a Celebration of Life for John J Painter Jr. Kingwood Country Club 1700 Lake Kingwood Trail Kingwood, TX Saturday July 5, 2014 4-8 PM Additionally you may join us for the Interment at Highland Memorial Gardens 6325 Gulf Highway Lake Charles, LA Sunday July 6, 2014 10:30 AM John’s obituary will […]

CCCC Dallas – November Newsletter and Supplement

This month, in addition to our usual Newsletter, we also have a special Supplement. One of our chapter members attended the annual car show in Hershey, Pa, and brought back some amazing photos to share. Check them both out!

2012 November Newsletter

2012 November Supplement

CCCC Dallas – Looking back….the early 1990’s, by Nathan Blasingame.

When I went to visit my mom at the end of last month, she announced that she was making some changes to my old room. Of course there have been changes over the years (I haven’t lived at my parent’s home for over 20 years and haven’t spent the night there in almost 14 […]

CCCC Dallas – What’s in a name? By Nathan Blasingame

Some of us were sitting at Keller’s Drive In for our latest cruise night and it was mentioned that one of our club members recently purchased a new vintage Mercury Cougar. This feline received the name “Demi”. I thought that was quite clever and have chuckled about it several times this week. It got […]

CCCC Dallas – Plymouth Cordoba? by Fred Burkle

I wanted to continue with the topic of my last posting, the 1975 – 79 Chrysler Cordoba, because while reading about the car and its development, I learned [what I think] is a little know fact about the Cordoba; which is, that it originally started out to be a Plymouth!

The Cordoba actually began […]

CCCC Dallas- When is it Time to Say Goodbye to Your Classic Car?

When is it time to say good bye to your classic car? Is there such a thing as an appropriate time? What motivates you to say good bye to your best friend? Is it when your classic car no longer runs and knowledgeable mechanics are hard to find? Or is it when you can no […]

CCCC Dallas – 1975 – 1979 Chrysler Cordoba Roof Options

I was reading an article about the 1975 – 79 Chrysler Cordoba and I was particularly taken by the discussion of how many roof options Chrysler offered on the car – no less than 5 different roof treatments! Imagine…5 choices of ANY option these days, but I digress. The article stated that the Cordoba was […]

CCCC Dallas – July Newsletter

Click link to the July Edition of the Dallas Newsletter.




West Petersen, Editor in Chief of “Antique Automobile,” the AACA bi-monthly magazine, wrote an article in the May/June 2012 issue, titled “Poetry to Savor.” In it, he focussed on the writings of the late Thomas D. Murray, of whom I had never heard and doubtlessly, many of you may not have. Much of Murray’s literary […]

CCCC Dallas – Original Auto Passion

If you are reading this, it is probable that you not only remember your first car, but you also cherish those memories and can describe the car right down to the small ding on the left rear fender below the chrome molding that you found to replace the original one that was bent when your […]